Adding Items

General Structure

ILMO uses a model of Books and BookInstances or Material` and MaterialInstances. A book contains general information about a book

    title: string, required
    author: Author object, required
    genre: Genre object
    summary: String
    isbn: String
    language: Language object

As you can see there are some objects that refer to other models like Author. To create a book you need to create these first (or add them later, not recommended).

The physical books that are in the library are then represented in BookInstance. It has the following properties

    label: String, required
    book: Author object, required
    loan_status: available | maintenance | On Loan | Reserved, required
    imprint: String

Add Books

ILMO currently only supports adding books via the admin interface.

ID System

As most libraries do often have multiple copies of the same book an identification system is proposed that accounts for that. Feel free to use your own, this is just an inspiration!

For books the ID format therefore consists of a stem of category and number and a numbering with characters of copies.

CC[number] [ii]

"CH42 c"    # Titel 42 in category Chemistry, copy number 3

"XY132 af"  # Titel 132 in category XY, copy number 33

"a16792 c"  # bad example as categories should be two capital letters and the
            # titel number should be ascending
  • CC:

    Category abbreviation e. CH for chemistry. It is advised to use a two letter abbreviation, but there is no technical limit.

  • Number:

    Indicates which title the book has. The number is ascending incremented for every title added to the category.

  • ii:

    index of the copy. For the first copy the index is a for the second it is b and for the 27th copy it is aa.

Add material

ILMO currently only supports adding material via the admin interface.

ID System

Material has a different ID system. It consists of an abbreviation and an index.

AA [index]

"LC 42"           # Labcoat number 42
"SG 132"          # Safety glasses number 132

"Labcoat 16792"   # bad example as abbreviation should be two capital letters and index
                  # number should be ascending
  • AA:

    Abbreviation of the items name

  • Index:

    Ascending number. The highest index of an item is the number of items of this name.